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This year I have had a couple instances of homeowners who have elevated radon levels (above 4.0 pcl/liter concentration) where they have a bathroom in the basement (slab) and have found that whoever put the plumbing in knocked out a large gaping hole for the p-trap to rise up to the faucets. So though there is poly sheeting often under the slab and cracks are being checked at the cold seam it is found that radon can easily come through from the gravel below along the pipes behind the water controller in the shower wall. The answer (you may not want to hear this if this is your situation): you are going to need to get behind the tub wall- maybe pull the tub unit out even- to use poly sheeting that your going to need to wrap around the pipe with red vapor barrier tape and black death/Tremco-like  sealant. Cutting the plastic larger than the hole you may not have much room to work, yet do your best and send myself photos at alnashjr@alaska.edu to get an idea for access!