I recently saw an ad in the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer announcing that soon natural gas would be brought to Fairbanks- the date on the paper was over half a century ago.  There have been continued efforts which culminated last year with the Governor’s Budget approving around a third of a billion dollars in loans, grants and other planning tools to get affordable gas into the Interior. This is important for businesses, who spend vast amounts on money on space heating, as well as individual residents watching their home budget.  This time trucking the gas from the North Slope has been the preferred project.  The question always is, by the time you pay for new infrastructure to secure the gas, load it onto trucks, off load it and then take care of costs to get it into individuals homes, is it worth it financially when compared to the substitutes (fuel oil in this case)?  An editorial this weekend in the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer lines out many of the details.  The most important one though, is that tomorrow, Wednesday 11/12/14,   Fairbanks will know what the State’s AIEDA office has calculated the overall costs at.  Read the article, see if it interests you, and possibly we’ll see you there!