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CBC has an article about Barrow, the election and whaling. Point Barrow was a point of contact for operations during the pre-petroleum days when whale oil was used for lighting and the smooth running of machinery.  About a hundred years ago, after petroleum replaced whale oil, the Navy planted research station, and local natural gas was tapped for cheap local use.  The article points out the cost of living in Barrow by mentioning milk that is over $10 (? no amount, yet I assumed gallon) and $7 gal/gas.  The fuel noted is just under twice the amount than it costs in Fairbanks.  There are villages in Interior Alaska where it costs more due to having to fly it in.  But again, while Barrow does have high prices on most commodities that have to be brought in, it does have local goods such as whale for groceries and natural gas for cheap electrical generation and space heat!   It may be the farthest north and remote city in the nation, yet it also has relatively cheap space heating (which is the real cost sink in living north of the Anchorage/Mat-Su bowl area).