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If you were to have to pin down one use of energy you use as an Alaskan resident, and only use energy for that, which would it be? Power, Space Heat, Transportation, Mechanical Operations? With relatively cheap plug-in power ($.12/kw in Anchorage, $.22 in Fairbanks, $1+/kw in other areas off the road system) and being able to get diesel in any community for heat or transportation we often take for granted flicking on switches, letting thermostats kick on and hitting the gas.  Yet there have been instances on the road system where there has been a outage or inability to transfer fuels due to a sudden or unexpected storm/earthquake event for several days.  Considering that Alaska is ‘islanded’ from the lower 48, and most of the time from Yukon, it is helpful to think about having your own back up generation and with that a consolidation of fuels.  While it may not be possible to get down to one fuel source, there are devices that can take dual fuels (multi-use fuel stoves that burn kerosene or gasoline) as well as various shapes of fuels (such as wood stoves that can take cordwood, chipwood or pellets).  Check out the various renewable energy shops in town to see what it available for generation and/or energy storage.  A year and a half ago the people of Galena didn’t see a flood coming, yet many after spoke of wishing they had home energy devices.  It is something to think about, even if you’re not a prepper or doomsdayer!