For those of us who are Baby Boomers who grew up with Elton John music, this is a perfect line to apply to our next workshop- Rocket Stoves. (Actually, according to, Elton sang ‘burning your fuse up here alone…’).

Anyway, on October 31 after supper,  from 5:30-9:00 p.m. you can get out of taking the kids trick-or-treating by coming on over to the Harper Building of UAF’s  Aleutian Interior Campus on Geist Ave. and building two rocket stoves to take home (as well as get a manufactured one to take as well).  We will look at some commercial models and a slide show from Jim Scott of Alaska Sustainable Agriculture of how one was made to heat a shop/home.  Rocket stoves are favorite devises for campers or shops where a person is present to reload small amounts of biomass which burn very efficiently by 1) burning just the tip of the fuel, 2) insulating the burn pot for a hotter burn 3) burn up the flue gasses before they exit the stove.  If you have any any questions on this workshop, call Carmen at 474-5854.  Registration is available online.

Oh – and if you have to take the kids out for Halloween, you can still catch the Saturday 9:30-1:00pm