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This year’s Alaska Rural Energy Conference came to a close Thursday with a wide variety of topics covered and various policy leaders, vendors, tribal/municipal power workers, utilities and service agencies attending.  Cooperative Extension had a booth with various publications, as well as some working models of rocket stoves to display.  The conference started daily with a large session together, and then folks had a choice of one of two breakout sessions of panels before lunch with two slots of panels after lunch.  Topics ranged from how utilities price electricity, how waterplants use electricity in a community system to latest technologies in battery storage. Extension presented an overview of how oil displacing technologies and conservation measures are being employed in about 40% of the State’s school districts (this topic generated a good amount of discussion).  The conference occurs every 18 months and is run by Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) with assistance provided Alaska Energy Authority (AEA).  If you could not attend, keep your eyes open on ACEP’s website for videos of each session in the next couple months!