Rural Alaska is not the only location with stranded resources, lack of gridded transportation routes or distribution challenges. In June I was able to meet folks at a conference on applied energy who have some of the same difficulties in getting power to their people. A teacher in South Africa spoke with me about the use of micro hydro electric components in the mountains where fresh snowmelt created creeks and rivers. A leader of a post secondary energy think tank in Pakistan spoke of efforts to provide heat and power in the mountains with biomass, and in many other parts of the nation with below surface hot water. Here is a photo another Extension colleague sent to me of some of the conditions up in the northern mountains (of Pakistan): It’s interesting to see in this clip the style of community pooled turbine where a village is supplying for themselves what they can afford with their immediate resource (hyrdo here). Also the locally installed power distribution wires…. The solutions we consider for ‘off grid’ cabins and homes distanced from the railbelt/road system may just be what other rural places with similarities to rural Alaska call microgrid! The search is on for finding technology that matches the local resource and fuel capacity….