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Many of the bathrooms which we see photos of in designer home magazines tend to have angular edges, coordinating colors and exotic items. Yet coordination, nuance and spacing many times are antithetical to accessibility- yet do not always have to be. With the bathroom being the one place in the home where most of our activities of daily living take place, it is often probably the busiest room of the home. Thus there should be freedom to access the shower, bath, toilet, sink area, etc. without problems in seeing items, getting a wheelchair stuck when turning around, being able to ambulate into the bathtub, etc…. There should also be the ability to independently dress and groom. Take a look at your bathroom and the height things are set at such as towel racks, water mixing valves, door knobs, light switches, etc… Are they in a place that someone in a wheelchair or possibly on crutches could reach? Take a look around and see what you think!