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Currently in San Diego (just a short hop over from Vegas), I’ve been able to take in how teachers are using computerized mapping services known as GIS (specifically, Geographic Information Services) at the main International Users conference hosted by ESRI corp.  Much of the emphasis on making useable maps has been focused on doing so in the cloud (on the internet rather than a software program you’ve put onto your computer from a CD disk).  You may be familiar with the Alaska Energy Atlas which was put out by Alaska Energy Authority and Alaska Center for Energy and Power (you can download a PDF hardcopy pages/maps off the Department of Energy’s site: http://apps1.eere.energy.gov/states/maps.cfm/state=AK.  These GIS maps don’t show how to get somewhere, but rather conceptually give an idea of Alaska’s Energy Resources are located.  A very useful way of using thematic mapping indeed.