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Earlier this week we had a report come out through AHFC and the Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC) which fully comes out to over a thousand pages.  You can download the whole report or several regions broken out can be looked at (http://www.ncsha.org/story/alaska-hfc-2014-alaska-housing-assessment-identifies-severe-shortcomings-statewide-housing-stock).  The main shortcomings seem to fall into the categories of overcrowding and heat loss (low energy efficiency).  There are other factors looked, yet one category that would be handy could be a type of  rating for accessibility in the housing stock.  If there was some way of measuring how any resident of any age or ability can live independently, it would be helpful to see what the demand is (and may be in the near future) for assisted living homes where a shortage pervades in most all regions.  Look through the report and see what the houses in your area look like!