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Often Alaskan homes built on permafrost are built on pad and post foundations, which usually puts their entry way into the home about 3 feet off the ground.  With those needing ramps, American Disabilities Act states for every one inch height there would be one foot run.  This means that a basic ramp for a walker, wheelchair or scooter will need 36 feet of spread on a lawn to get to the front door; this can be accomplished by putting together several 180 degree turns with 6′ by 6′ landings at each.  Depending on whether the door is on the side of the house or in the middle of the front side, you may be able to ‘wrap a ramp’ around the side of your home (relative to where your lot line easement is in relation to the home).  Like a pad and post foundation, you can also have a platform cut of plywood (18″ by 18″) under each 4″ by 4″ post vertical post as a ‘floating’ pad.  Forming  a “H” shape with two vertical posts, a horizontal 4″ can then be made at graduated heights to place deck pieces in between  the two verticals. For more information on such designs, give Art a call at 474-6366 and I’ll see what we can do to help!