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Over this past weekend, Taipei’s National University of Science and Technology hosted a stout conference looking at various topics on electricity generation, CO2 mitigation, renewable analysis, etc…  Though the vast majority of presenters were from Mainland China, there were 70 nations represented.  With over a thousand submissions, I was able to present a paper on the Remote Energy workshop taught in Alaska as well as a paper on the Alaskan school districts that have been displacing fuel oil with wood burning.  By impressions, it seemed that most other academics were somewhat surprised by the Alaskan context per energy.  In any regard, probably the most useful conversations were over lunch and dinner with professors from Pakistan, South Africa and Taiwan in relation to trying to figure out how to get energy to remote locations.  Keep an eye on the site for future proceedings printed:  http://www.applied-energy.org/CMS/index.php?m=content&c=index&a=show&catid=6&id=1 .