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Well, with a variety of evening (three) classes each night covering energy, food preservation, pest management, Radon, consumer science and community development (to thus be available for rural summer school students from outside our district office communities), we for the most part had local residents attend.  And with the beautiful evenings outside we did have some competition…yet folks came to the majority of classes which were taught by over half a dozen different presenters.  The one class that seemed to be a hit from those I taught was Greenhouse Heat; and out of that class we had a volunteer who offered to allow us to test a passive solar heater for performance this winter (after we build some in an upcoming June Homemade Heat workshop led by Rosebud Reservation specialists from South Dakota and a specialist from Talkeetna demonstrating passive solar hot water heaters).  If such a cadre of classes is offered next summer, it very well may be at the end of summer school, as one Extension staff pointed out to me midweek, ‘we had just put on the traditional daytime Extension week classes about a month ago’.  By the end of summer school in August, we may have more folks who feel ready to spend  some time unwinding inside for workshops (or depending on how many nice, smoke and rain free days we get we may find folks scramblin’ to get all those things needing to be done by September freeze up!).   We will see…