In seeing an increased reliance on Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) in Asia and Pacific Rim, it is a tenuous yet relieving action for the legislature and governors office to look into the front engineering and design of a plant in Alaska.  With the  good looking future global demand per  LNG amongst Japanese/Korean nuclear power plants which have shut down,  air particulate concerns in arid China, general socio-econ growth in India and SE Asia, a partnership in Alaska between private industry, the State of Alaska and TransCanada (the pipe guys) can heighten our position as a energy exporting state.  Though there are several other plans, this one will take an awful lot of nursing along and many decisions junctures for all involved, yet keep and eye out for how success could grow for much of the state as the gas is extracted at at Point Thompson and run through pipe to Nikiski on the Kenai. Also keep an eye open for the other projects that run tandem or are developed at different stages to compliment this plan!