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At Dept. of Energy tribal workshop, it is good to hear that renewables and waste-to-energy waste systems are stated as supplemental to oil.  Though there is a surface goal of 50% of AK’s energy being renewable by 2025, in each session the difficulty of lack of standards, tailoring of systems to local context and case by case specifics that need to be worked out have been stressed.  The question is do the standard petro-based generator in the powerhouse lead with feathering back when renewables come on, or do the renewables dictate how oil fills in secondarily.  The difference is how it is set up for integration.  Wind with smart systems and the diesel powerhouse, waste to heat based on avoidance costs of disposal and flywheels help but won’t come near to filling full demand.  Fuel will always be a reliable stabilizer and that is why many villages trying other technologies are leaving their fuel tanks full and boilers or hydronic systems in place.