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Yesterday SB 241 passed the Alaska Senate by a majority, which will open up the way for a loooong process. The entire slated at hundreds of billions of dollars (even if there are no cost overruns and everything is on time as projected) and has many stages to go through before consumers will realize energy cost relief via burning natural gas. Yet these type of projects have to take a long time due to the specs. that are required, the engineering studies, the movement at different rates of the partners (here it would primarily be the State of Alaska and TransCanada- a company that has a lot of experience in the physical pipeline). The Deputy Commissioner of Revenue Mike Pawloski mentioned yesterday that there are many steps along the way for a project like this to pull off, and much continual study along the way to see if it is feasible. But it is a start toward something that would extend a pipeline from the Northslope down to Kenai processors. Keep your eyes open, as there may be more legislation yet this session that could carve the landscape in Alaska’s energy future!