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A blog on SAP business innovation page mentions technology being a tipping point, and relates how scientific ‘lab’ investigations of electric storage and even dark matter may enter useable applications per energy use in the next decade or so (http://blogs.sap.com/innovation/industries/trends-in-technology-space-tourism-electric-cars-and-dark-matter-01243896?campaigncode=CRM-XH13-B2D-ONDIRLNB&source=onlinedisplay-us-general-tld-US004).  Not much is said about the distance threshold on electric vehicles, yet it does mention motorcycles may be on the horizon, and that wireless charging may become mainstream (however that would work).  And of course hydrogen cells.  The space travel may be the most interesting section, and I suppose from an energy point of view, when opportunities hit the mainstream it will be liquid nitrogen/oxygen we’ll be talking about as normal as lunch conversation is now on OPEC (mentioned) or wood.  (Take a look at the article and see what you think).