The Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference ended Friday, and much of the first day concentrated on energy presentations. Cold Bay, King Salmon, Kodiak, Adak, and other communities from the Bristol Bay/Aleutians area had representatives present as well as Anchorage based office staff of SWAMC.   Perceptions, costs, community based applications, etc…  There was a concentration of in the immediate getting BTU’s and electricity from fish guts/bones and wastes which are a byproduct of canneries; there were regional reps from a couple of the fish processors in on strategy groups as well as sessions.  There was talk of tidal/wave and geothermal energy yet a realistic understanding that these are large projects that would be far off into the future before producing for industry or home use.  Most interesting, there was a review the third day of new traffic and demand realities that are up and coming in the future with the increase of traffic in the Bering Straight the next few decades (as well as concern over who will clean up a spill or take care of the classic tragedy of the commons which could occur.  This is an active area with Dutch Harbor being one of the top 10 worldwide ports (in terms of activity).  The leaders at the conference were on topic, and see directly how energy involves their remote grids -and daily lives.