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Often road racing is thought of as a dirty, smoky and fuel wasting sport. Ever wonder how many gallons to the mile those high octane guzzling stock cars get in the large round track races? (Or how much fuel is split in demo derby competitions across the nation?)  In New York there has been different sort of venue the past decade in Watkins Glen. Organizer B. Gillespie uses the races as an opportunity to provide public education on renewable/alternative fuels, lowering greenhouse gas emissions as well as not being energy dependent on other nations.   This year’s race is a two stage (the first a 100 miles) event.  The first is set on a traditional closed off race course with relatively fuel efficient racers and the second stage on public roads for an ‘Electrathon’ which will have 1 person/driver electric vehicles racing. (Now if someone could take a look at monster truck rallies….)