Arriving at midnight into Arizona, the first visible sign of things being drastically different was palm trees. And big cactus. riding on the light rail I spoke with an electrical cooperative operator (of a co-generation power plant) from New Mexico who mentioned it has been the driest there since 1920’s….he said, “We are really hurting, someday water will become a commodity”. (Hopefully Alaska will be an abundant exporter of both at some point). Obviously solar is big here- even the light rail train utilizes solar (for cooling!).

The conference is “Energy, Utility & Environment” which is the countries largest for this genre as they advertise it. 1500 vendors, 500 speakers, a couple thousand attendees, etc….The acting assistant administrator of the EPA just opened  up saying it looks like a great conference and that she has ‘agenda envy’…. I’ll keep this blog up to date on developments!