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Many folks remember the efforts in the late 2000’s to plant a suitcase nuclear reactor in Galena for about 10MW of power. (It was noted as the first non-military nuclear application in the state, provided by Toshiba corporation). At the time some of the villages downriver expressed concern over the effects of fish habitat from affluent warm water be added to the Yukon . Thoughts were the reactor could be operational by this year …. yet the project never went through the lengthy, expensive steps to gaining approval by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Now many folks don’t know that in the early 1960’s an atomic reactor was put into Delta Junction over at Ft. Greely as a part of the ANPP program through the military with a pressurized water reactor which ran until 1972. So, there have been attempts in Alaska- yet with other systems that have been looked into the scale tends to be too large for what would work for our population.