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This past year, Alaska Gateway, Delta Greely and Tanana City School Districts’ biomass conversions were shared with the world and it just keeps going.  At the International Biomass Conference there was a said appreciation for trying to operate wood chip operations at -50+ temps when I rolled out descriptions of the three communities (Tok for Alaska Gateway District).  Co-presenting at the International Association of Energy Economists Daisy Huang and I had professors  in the room from China and Germany attending as well as other U.S. Universities and I don’t know that any of them had heard of heating schools with cord wood or drift wood.  In October, I’ll have a paper presented (by proxy) in Iceland (Polar Energy Conference) to highlight what these school districts have done and lessons learned from looking at all the types of capital required to pull off such conversions.  There are others in Southeast Alaska who have converted their schools to biomass also, yet the dramatic savings I’ve been able to get numbers for are from districts in the Interior. Let me know if your district is thinking of switching from fuel oil to wood for space heating!