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Rigzone surveyed 8,000 people in the oil and gas industry per top 10 oilcities. (http://www.rigzone.com/news/oil_gas/a/126250/Rigzone_Ranks_the_Top_10_Oil_Gas_Cities_in_the_World/?all=HG2). While Dubai was 1st with Calgary ranked 2nd, Denver came in 3rd as unconventional oil and gas activity in Colorado created 77,600 jobs in the state in 2012 (largely due to innovation in multi-stage hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling technology). With unconventional oil and gas activities contributing a value-added $11 billion to Colorado in 2012, it is estimated such value-added activity will bring in $26 billion to the state in the next quarter of a century. Comparatively, in 2010 the direct, indirect and induced employment and wages of Alaska’s oil and gas industry accounted for 44,800 jobs and just under $2.65 billion in all residents’ annual payroll (with the primary industry employment lending to 4,487 jobs and $764 million according to a McDowell Group 2011 Economic Report as noted on http://www.akrdc.org).