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Residents have been returning to Galena the last several days- some to find their houses soaked while others not being able to locate their home. With many agencies focusing on financial and subsistence problems, CES is looking to immediately educate residents on how to re-enter their homes and begin the drying out process before building materials become ruined or mold covered. A great YouTube which has been a part of our workshop for Galena residents in Fairbanks (waiting to get back to the village) is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUv8hnd_1g0 . This video gives good tips that help to keep a returning homeowner safe and show the difference between a home that is mold ridden and one that is on its way to becoming healthy again. If you have any home reparation tips for those that have been in a flood feel free to let us know in the comment string for sharing ideas!