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We have recently seen flooding on the mighty Yukon in Eagle, Circle and Galena, and of course community buildings, homes, and log buildings have been moved off foundation and/or submerged under water. Here’s some ideas about supplies for returning to your community after a river flood (which we have had a few this Spring from ice jamming up):
Locate common household BLEACH- not only for cleaning, and mix bleach 1:3 to water for mold cleaning. Also run bleach down your well if you have one; note that there is a way to make the proper mix, work it in gradually and stopping by smell. Also, N95 rated masks and rubber gloves of course are needful for household clean up.

For VEHICLES, if the underbelly/engine was submerged with water you will want to take new bearings (due to silt) for each wheel. Also take bearing grease and oil and tranny and brake and steering and differential fluids to change out. If you had typical wet cell 12 volt BATTERIES in your car/4 wheeler/snow machine, they are vented and you will want to check before winter to see if they took on water- if so you may want to bring new ones and for the 30% more cost I’d swap out to the new AGM technology as it’s reduction in cold weather is only ~10% that of typical wet cells . For various PUMPS and appliances that can run on 12 volt batteries before electricity is fully functional (or as backup), I would talk to a vendor as there are several 12 volt (run off car battery) fuel, glycol and water transfer pumps-BUT realize that the inline pumps that state “for FUEL” are for DIESEL and NOT GAS due to flash point dangers. Such pumps to my knowledge will not separate fuel from water but can be used for transfer. An air compressor is also a good investment- to blow off dry caked silt off coils and fins on air cooled appliance motors.