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Last night I was able to see the latest in small, remote heating stoves. Take a look at his 56 lbs. unit: http://www.unforgettablefirellc.com/products/off-grid-living/ (OK, ‘unforgettable fire’ as a corporate name may be over the top but the stove itself is worth a view). Joining the Wood Stove Decathlon in Wash. D.C. slated for November, this unit is a finalist in the Next Generation Wood Stove Design Challenge competition. With a 22 page manual that has specs for both the US and Canada, it seems to have thought out well in design and also assistance means. It can burn pellets, whole log wood, barley/grains, coal etc… I’m told and with a 3 inch flue has the flexibility to be mounted on a boat, an RV, into a masonry smoke stack in a cabin, or out of the roof of a home with traditional smoke stack. The claim is that it will heat up to 1500 sq. feet. It is impressive and efficient at first glance; so, it will be interesting to follow and see what the performance comes out as!