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Well, here in my native state of Colorado at the National Extension Energy Summit we are having a great May blizzard. (http://m.accuweather.com/en/weather-video/video-breaking-weather-snow-coming-soon-to-denver/1670024770). On the heels of a great Rural Energy Conference by Alaska Center for Energy and Power I flew the red-eye down to share about the Remote Camp Energy workshop that is offered in Alaska. This workshop was originally co-taught with Walter Rose, Energy Specialist at Kawerak in Nome as an answer to folks wanting heat and power at fish camp in the summer, as well as in mining camps. With Dave PM, Rural Energy Coordinator at Tanana Chiefs Conference, I  have refined the workshop as other inventors of devices keep giving us more material to let others know about! (Lord willing, if I get back to AK by Friday from this snowzilla, an abbreviated version of the workshop will kick off the Kenai Sportsman Show at 1:30-3:00pm!). If you are interested learning about remote camp energy, contact our administrative assistant Carmen (474-5854) and let her know where (what community) you would like to see this workshop or any of our other 5 (one to three hour) workshops offered!