When you are in a session co-titling itself ‘from cow piles to biomass’, you know you are in for some excitement before the next break (happening to be lunch….). Anyway, one and half hour sessions are pretty impressive with 4 experts to a panel (being one yesterday, there were some gasps of impression when showing a 10 minute film about Tok Schools concept to completion heat and electricity facility). The session above was about a dairy digester facility where energy was reaped from the cow waste and using algae from ponds/trenches. Creative case studies and macro/meta views of govermental and public opinion manuvuering are covered- qute a range. Someone from the Biomass division of Alaska Energy Authority joined me to a booth for viewing a portable/modular electical biomass generator that uses 55 gallon drum, Die hard battery, GM Vortex engine and other common items- quite impressive, it can have biomass create 10, 20. 50 and 100kw!