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Quite a day with seminars- but the most informative was the general session kicking off the morning with high powered CEO-Lawyer and think tank types from various Biomass entities. There has been much talk of European markets for Amercian biomass as the sensibility is that carbon to be counted with cutting down and burning of a tree is in a sense ‘wiped off the books’ due to regrowth (unlike fossil fuels which burn yet don’t resubmit function into the carbon cycle….). This makes biomass more attractive when comparing it to other fuels. Yet Amercian regulatory policy and legislation was characterized as somewhat hodge-podge and in transition; thus, biomass may not be comprehensively be categorized that way and thus industry and incentive providers are not sure with the current signals from the D.C. Administration how to go forward. When I mentioned after a couple hours of listening that Asia had not been mentioned (and that coming from a Pacific Rim facing state we often look to the East), it was mentioned that Korea and Japan have guides similar to the EU which they follow per biomass and carbon counting in their policies.